There we go…

This is a costly Project for me, and there is a main reason which might sound surprising for some that know me - I am not comfortable with video and public speaking. Even I have done it in the past it still scares me.
But, there is one way to get rid of that, right? ;) - hint: It’s called “Exposure Therapy”…
So this is one of the reasons to go ahead and get this done!
The second reason is that I have been lacking a bit a “full Azure story” all around since I started learning Azure – I am talking about a “round story” which also should be fun. I want to give it a try… and as I also like efficiency I thought of bringing in the Kata concept, taken from Martial arts into the learning world, also as Coding Katas… nothing new so far… so, make a path, tell a story in the shape of Katas that get us deep into this amazing technology and engage us into go even deeper…

But, what’s a Kata?

Kata means a structured way of doing things or practice them, in order to reach perfection. Kata is the center of Japanese sword training, a set of movements and forms, which is used on ALL the significant types of martial arts using a Japanese Sword, a Katana, including Iaido, Kenjutsu and Kendo (this last one I have practiced for a bit).
In martial arts, martial artists spend much of their time repeating a specified move or set of moves, aka drills… Gradually imprinting them into the brain, muscle memory until doing a kata happened flawlessly and like a natural reflex. (The name coincides and I sort of feel there is no coincidence…).
Katas are one of the most efficient way to train a skill, as involves “learning by doing”, stated by Confucius in his famous quote “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Coming back to the Azure Samurai story…

I thought that the Kata term goes along very well what I would like to create here, tailored to Azure with the goal of becoming an Azure Samurai. To be clear, I do not consider myself yet an Azure Samurai, but this is what I want to become and doing so this way is going to be fun, so I am openly proposing you to share this path together.
On doing so, I also will overcome one of my biggest fears…

What do I want to do?

  • Create Katas for azure, in the following formats:
  • Video
  • HOL blog post
  • Which are focused on a concrete technique, accumulative (using knowledge from earlier videos) and drive the practitioner step by step to a concrete learning goal.
  • Try to use Azure best practices.
  • Tell a development story, build something that is part of a mission, a purpose that creates an emotional attachment to the different elements and services we will use…
  • And, in the process, have fun!

So, how do you see it?

I would appreciate your opinion & suggestions on which direction you would like this to go…
Your feedback is needed, please do so by leaving a comment preferably or contact me directly.

Let’s go together on this “martial path” towards becoming an Azure Samurai – together.

What can you do for me?

I would appreciate your support, so if you could go to the youtube channel I have set up for this and subscribe, that would do me a great deal as I need 200 subscribers to associate a custom name for it ;) Azure Samurai YouTube Channel.

Let’s do this!!
Happy Azureing!
José, the Azure Samurai “wannabee”