Thanks so much! Really, Thank you!!

A bit more than three years ago it was not my best moment, in many ways, for reasons I will not disclose - if you’re a friend of mine you probably know what I have been through! ;) Let’s say I ended way down, unmotivated and not even trusting me or my skills - and that after some quite years succeeding at the challenges thrown at me… and then I was all doubts…

But there was people around me that supported me and brought me back, during those times I met Gloria Macia that supported me and motivated me back to myself and Robert Nawfal… those persons ahd a huge impact on me, were there and cared and for that I am grateful!! You become amazing friends and I mean that with capital F!
I had a couple of good friends supporting me with positive vibes and had an amazing impact to me over the past years, Laurent Bugnion & Michael Staib, thanks for being there and being such a strong motivational force!! You have become good friends and, apart from a brilliant brain, you have a good heart! ;)

From a past work, that went sadly into bankrupcy, I also would like to thank Alexander Weber to trust me and coach me, I learned a few important things, such as focus is key and always keep the cool and smile, miss our coffees and long conversations! Also thanks to my previous team, you trusted & helped me grow and become a better person and professional: Thanks Ebru, Philipp & Oli!

And a mention to a great person I had the pleasure to work, drink coffee and have amazing conversations, Christian Moser, thank you! You helped me straight my mind and put it to good use under er, interesting projects and give the best of me and we made the impossible possible more than once, repeatedly… you also helped me set up some personal goals that at some point I thought they were impossible and unachievable…

And today

I have to double thank Michael Staib as he helped me at a moment of stress, where I saw a past situation at risk of repeating itself he was key in getting me into what is being a blast and getting me motivated as I haven’t in a very long time, if ever.

And this year you pushed me and motivated me to speak, which was my goal, to become better and do more, learn by doing they said… let’s say that if my goal was to speak at a conference this year, I’ve beaten it already by far… Of course at the moment they are mostly online but… what a ride!!

The year started with some talks about Blazor, that I delivered the past year in DotNetCentral and this year in the .NET User Group of Bern - thanks René, Daniel & Urs!! Then I got back into one of my favourite topics Performance Testing! - some years ago I designed & helped build a Laboratory Simulator that could run side by side with simulated and real instruments and at a really high throughput - needed for the largest blood banks and plasma fractionators on the planet… I implemented the test strategy, the test harness and executed the whole thing. This detected issues as they appeared which if you know can be very costly when going undetected - until a customer finds… Murphy lives

Well Daniel Marbach & Urs Enzler again gave me back the opportunity of speaking and also, very good feedback (they are amazing speakers themselves) - thank you!!

And I decided to step up and talk to my old friends from my past MVP-times, Sergio Parra, “Parrita”, David Suzuhara, Alberto Diaz & Santiago Porras… and in some weeks I had a talk scheduled with CrossDvlUp!! In my own language after so many years…

I decided to dare and proposed the already improved talk to several conferences… and to reach out to the K6 team who reacted amazingly so we could check the talk technically, gave me some tips as well as K6 swag and had a lot of fun talking to them - I was invited to their “Office Hours” show for which I am truly grateful, Thanks Nicole & Simme - also gracias Dani :)

And my sessions started to get accepted…
…and here we could say that the rest is history… but no… there’s still a lot of work, a lot to improve, to rehearse, I like that everytime I speak to get feedback and improve upon it, improve the talk and how I deliver it… you get the idea…

So far two conferences are done :

  • Fintech Code, September 8
  • Cloud Summit, September 13-23

And the day after tomorrow…

The following sessions were accepted and are coming fast :

  • NetCoreConf - This Sunday 10!!! - in Spanish :D
  • Continous Delivery & Automation, October 13
  • ADDO - All Day Devops, October 28
  • Azure community Conference, October 29
  • Build Stuff Lithuania, 17 November
  • NDC Oslo, 29 November - this last one in person!

Sadly I had to say no to a couple of conferences due to being impossible, one of them is my beloved KulenDayz - thanks Bernardin & Maja!!

That said, Bernardin, I plan to apply with more time and empty my agenda, your conference is one I have great feelings from it and definitely want more, so expect a paper (or two) for next year :)

And I have some more conferences - thanks for the list Michael! to apply for - which I will do this Sunday evening, after having rested from my talk at the NetCoreConf :)

I am having a blast

Professionally, personally, in life there are highs and downs and I believe that when somebody does something good recognition must be given and it is a good thing to do to be positive and to face all situations the best you can, we are humans after all behind all the technology surrounding us.

See you on the NetCoreConf this sunday?