My name is Jose Luis Latorre and I have a passion for two things:

  • Software engineering
  • Martial Arts and Japanese culture

But.. why Samurai?

Samurai were living according to strong ethical principles, defenders of what’s right, efficient in solving problems with a simple cut and also followed the Bushido codes of martial principles. They practiced and practiced to become skilled where still righteous. And I like that.

And.. where is your sword?

I don’t have any - But metaphorically speaking my skills are my weapons and I like to play and combine them in different ways, to practice and learn, create new “movements” and get a feeling on the technology, to let my creativity loose. In this digital age, I truly believe that real skill comes with:

  • Understanding the fundamental concepts.
  • Practice them until they become “yours”.
  • Be creative and play to create new skills, new ways of doing things.
  • Having fun with what you do. Once you have that, you can let yourself flow.

And Azure?

I have been with Microsoft technology for the most of my career, working with it and the people that empower it gives me a warmth that other technologies do not. I am focused since 2019 professionally into Azure and I am liking it very much, specially the flexibility that provides to create structures that solve problems in new ways that since recently were not possible. It’s my new sword, and what Samurai doesn’t want a sword that is powerful and can cut mostly anything?

My “Martial Path”

And, I decided to take this sword which is Azure and make it mine. This blog is my commitment to it, a way of putting a point and starting clean in a path that had not a clear, defined, direction.

Want to join me? It’s going to be fun and I also want to make good friends to go along and evolve together.